Easel on Down the Road

In January 2013 I started “Easel on Down the Road”, my quest to paint a landscape in each of the 50 states. The final pieces are all 24×30, oil on canvas, started on-site and finished in my studio at home. After 3 years, 29,604 miles of driving and 164 days away from home, I put together a book and had an exhibit of all 50 paintings at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts. All art is self-portrait on some level. As I drove across the country, visiting State and National Parks, old friends and new vistas, I learned as much about myself as about the people and landscapes around me. As such, the paintings are more a record of my physical and mental journey than a portrait of each state. I wrote about my travel exploits on my blog.

The paintings below are in alphabetical order, not in the order they were painted.

A full color book of the entire adventure is available for purchase.

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